APEAL (the Association of European Producers of Steel for Packaging) releases the latest figures that demonstrate how recycling rates of steel packaging for Europe in 2009 increased by 2% to reach more than 72%.  ... Read more

  • Eco-trip Steel Packaging – Dunkerque

    On 25th November 2010, APEAL and EMPAC invited Diana Oancea, Policy Officer for Packaging at the European Commission for an exclusive eco-trip to discover the production and recycling process of steel packaging. The eco-trip included a visit to Triselec Grand Synthe sorting centre to learn...... Read more

  • Corus starts transition to Tatasteel name

    Corus has now adopted Tata Steel as its new identity. For more information : Read more

  • APEAL launches Steel for Packaging Update

    As we welcome in a new year, we also welcome a new look for steel for packaging in Europe. Our new publication, “Steel for Packaging Update” brings together the most important legislative issues facing the industry today, together with industry insights as well as the...... Read more

  • German steel packaging recycling rate reaches record levels

    The latest official figures from Germany show that recycling levels of steel packaging reached a record 93.6% in 2008, a rise of 2 percentage points from 2007. Germany’s legal requirement for a recycling rate of 70% has now been consistently surpassed for more than ten...... Read more

  • New figures show 70% of steel for packaging now recycled in Europe

    A landmark 70% of steel packaging now recycled in Europe The latest figures from APEAL show that over 2.5 million tonnes of food and drinks cans and other steel containers were recycled in 2008, saving 3.9 million tonnes of CO2.  According to the latest available...... Read more

  • APEAL campaign within newly elected European Parliament

    APEAL began its outreach campaign to the newly elected members of the European Parliament in the first week of July. Since its initial contact with the new parliamentarians, APEAL has been holding a series of face-to-face meetings introducing the association and the legislative issues being...... Read more

  • APEAL officially accepted as a member of the CIAA Roundtable

    In September, APEAL was officially accepted as a member of the newly established European Food SCP Round-Table. The Round-Table, initiated by the CIAA, the Confederation of the Food and Drink Industries of the EU, has been set up to promote environmental sustainability in the food...... Read more

  • Deposit systems create barriers to trade, says European Commission

    Article published by the ‘European Environment & Packaging Law’ magazine.... Read more

  • Steel Packaging recycling boost

    Article in ‘Steel Times International’ reports that  the latest figures reveal 69% of steel packaging is recycled in Europe, saving 4.8 Mt of CO2 emissions. Thanks to industry efforts, the industry surpassed EU directives on recycling back in 2001 – seven years before an EU...... Read more