Steel is the ultimate packaging material in terms of product protection because it:

Displays indisputable tamper‐proof evidence.

Is an absolute barrier against UV, light and oxygen.

Offers the best resistance to solvents.

Is safe for pressurised systems.

Ensures integrity of the content throughout its long shelf life – a sign of excellence

Effective logistics


Steel cans are easy to transport and efficient to store. A further effect of the stackability of steel cans is the short loading and unloading time, which saves time and therefore handling costs within the logistics chain.

Moreover, steel cans enable efficient and quick filling without food wastage, which makes production, logistics and the whole supply chain very effective. Products packed in steel do not require refrigeration and the product maintains its quality even in extreme temperatures.

Steel cans as a whole are high performers in severe transportation conditions as well as throughout the logistics chain, resulting in less product spoilage.

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