Supply Chain

Sourcing minerals, responsibly

Given the steel industry uses mined raw materials, APEAL member companies have each established policies to ensure their minerals are traceable and originate from ethical sources. At an industry-wide level, APEAL members each comply with the OECD Due Diligence Guidance which gives a global framework to responsible sourcing1.

1- Responsible Supply Chains of Minerals from Conflict-Affected and High-Risk Areas

Engaging with the supply chain

Raising awareness

APEAL’s focus on customer and supplier partnership programmes, throughout the material life cycle, strengthens its relationships within the value chain and champions steel as a sustainable packaging solution.

Through collaborative projects with Metal Packaging Europe, the umbrella organisation for the metal packaging industry that brings together more than 200 can manufacturers, suppliers and their national associations, APEAL contributes to market-focused initiatives to raise awareness of steel’s sustainability credentials.

APEAL members contribute to a variety of national and cross-industry initiatives dedicated to increasing awareness of the benefits of canned food throughout Europe.

These range from France (‘Uppia’), to Germany (‘Initiative Lebensmitteldose’), the United Kingdom (‘Canned food UK’), Spain (‘Centro de información de la Conserva Enlatada’) and Italy (initiated by ‘Anfima’).

This principle, whereby metal producers and canmakers join forces to reach out to specific targets such as consumers, retailers and food professionals, has proved to be a successful recipe to inform about the nutritional, convenience and sustainability benefits of food packed in steel.