Eco-trip Steel Packaging – Dunkerque

#06.12.2010 Eco-trip Steel Packaging – Dunkerque

On 25th November 2010, APEAL and EMPAC invited Diana Oancea, Policy Officer for Packaging at the European Commission for an exclusive eco-trip to discover the production and recycling process of steel packaging.

The eco-trip included a visit to Triselec Grand Synthe sorting centre to learn how cans are sorted and prepared for recycling, and a tour of the ArcelorMittal Dunkerque steel plant to demonstrate how steel is produced.

The visit showed how steel’s magnetic properties make it an easy and economical packaging to sort and recover. Steel packaging scrap can be used to produce new steel products such as cars household appliances and new packaging. And by recycling the products, we reuse the material infinitely, making it a permanent resource.   These positive arguments can only help to increase the already high recycling rate and by doing so, help in the fight to reduce CO2 emissions.

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Joris Nachtergaele -Deputy Managing Director