#02.08.2017 APEAL publishes “Living and eating well, with canned products”, the 3rd expert article celebrating 30 years of APEAL

Highlighting the wide-ranging benefits of packing food in steel, the third article by Elisabeth Payeux, deputy managing director of the French Technical Centre for the food canning industry, also notes the shift towards a more integrated approach between agricultural producers and retailers.

“Steel for packaging offers a practical and highly effective solution for preserving many important nutrients and extending product shelf life. It also plays a significant role in combatting food waste as well as helping to reduce energy consumption throughout the supply chain,” said Elisabeth.

“In addition, the variety of products available in steel packaging means that people can devise varied and original menus and enjoy the pleasure of eating and sharing, two essential and complementary elements of eating well.”

Alexis Van Maercke, Secretary General of APEAL, added: “Steel has a unique combination of properties which make it an ideal material for a circular economy.

“Each article in our expert series explores the unique properties of steel for packaging, focusing on the ability of steel to protect and promote brands, its role as a permanent material in a circular economy, and how steel packaging’s ability to preserve and protect food will become increasingly important in efforts to reduce food waste.”

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