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#31.05.2018 The importance of separate collection and sorting for quality recycling

By Stéphane Tondo, President APEAL.

At our April event in Brussels we were privileged to have many experts on collection, sorting and recycling of waste.


Opening the second panel dedicated to the importance of separate collection and sorting for quality recycling, Joachim Quoden, Managing Director of the Extended Producer Responsibility Alliance (Expra) noted that the CEP was a significant opportunity to harmonise Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) rules across the EU and to promote best practice regarding separate collection systems.

Underlining the value of steel, Ella Stengler, Managing Director of European Waste to Energy Plants (CEWEP) added that where source separation is not possible, steel can be recycled from the bottom ash. Ella confirmed that approximately 1.4 million tonnes of iron are already recovered every year from bottom ash in the EU.

Clare Broadbent, Head of Product Sustainability, worldsteel, highlighted the concepts of multiple recycling and permanent materials whilst noting that the steel industry has worked with the concept of the circular economy for decades.

Describing the rise of separate collection systems in Europe and North America, APEAL’s report which was launched at the conference, notes the advantages of separate collection of packaging waste.

Steel’s unique magnetic properties – a significant advantage in terms of extracting steel from the waste flow – make it the easiest and most economical packaging material to recover and recycle. APEAL’s report is available for download here