Why steel recycles forever – 2022 recycling report

#13.05.2022 Why steel recycles forever – 2022 recycling report

APEAL published its first recycling report ‘Good practices in separate collection, sorting and recycling of steel for packaging’ in 2018.

In keeping with recent legislative evolutions, and with the objective of keeping materials in the circular loop for as long as possible, APEAL launches this follow-up report.

Indeed the European Green Deal, in particular the new Circular Economy Action Plan and the review of the Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive, will change the packaging landscape significantly.

“How to recycle steel – Why steel packaging recycles forever”, focuses on best practices in four key areas:

  • Optimised separate collection
  • Collection and sorting of steel closures
  • Scrap quality standards
  • Design for recycling.

In line with a bold vision of “zero steel packaging to landfill by 2025”, APEAL believes more can be done to boost both the quality and quantity of steel to recycling, and that all stakeholders have a meaningful role to play in the drive for a more circular economy in Europe.