Introducing our new President

Engaging with different audiences at high-level events is key to increasing understanding of steel as a model material for a circular economy and a contributor to brand success.

In March, APEAL Tony Waite addressed the audience of CanTech The Grand Tour taking place this year in Istanbul updating the audience on the future of the steel industry in Europe, in particular how steel is well positioned in the eyes of brand, retailers and policymakers and how steel is preparing the future of tinplate passivation.

Though APEAL members are currently authorized to produce chrome passivated tinplate in full compliance with REACH regulation until March 2023, they are fully aligned and committed to the successful implementation of a Chrome Free Passivation Alternative (CFPA) for tinplate.

After significant R&D efforts with CFPA to ensure equivalent high-performance tinplate material, APEAL members are now confident and ready to deliver CFPA material suitable for qualification & optimization.

“Waite provided a strong message of support for the steel industry, with a number of positive messages the organisation has fronted, including the #LoveSteel campaign, and the 79.5 per cent recycling rate of cans in Europe” commented CanTech in their post-event report. “This has put the industry in a strong position, and well positioned for the new EU waste legislation”