Inside Brussels – Alexis Van Maercke on steel for packaging in EU policy discussions

Europe has demonstrated global leadership with a pivotal and visionary European Green Deal plan to tackle climate change and make the EU climate-neutral by 2050. And an ambitious new Circular Economy Action Plan (CEAP 2.0) is essential in imposing tough objectives for waste and recycling.

Presented in March this year, CEAP 2.0 marks an important step by the European Commission to draw a final line under the linear economy and establish clear priorities for the packaging sector.

We were pleased to see a clear focus on several key issues including design for recyclability and improving separate collection for high-quality recycling processes.

But to fully close the loop more needs to be done and APEAL would have liked to see measures to speed up elimination of landfill of recyclable materials.

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Read APEAL’s full input to the public consultation.

As a material central to the EU economy, steel is in the extraordinary position of being both an enabler and a cornerstone of the transition to a carbon neutral and circular Europe.  At the same time steel producers are looking to successfully transition towards a low or carbon-future.

With supportive conditions in place, notably the right infrastructure and a supportive regulatory framework, steel is fully committed to the climate objectives of the EU. Having halved energy use and emissions since 1960, the sector has the ambition to achieve further cuts of between 80-95% by 2050 using a combination of process efficiency, breakthrough technologies and greater scrap availability.

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