Coming soon – “Green Solutions for Central Europe” summit in Poland

#04.09.2015 Coming soon – “Green Solutions for Central Europe” summit in Poland

Minister Maciej Grabowski, Minister of the Environment and Marshal Adam Struzik, Marshal of the Mazovia region, are amongst the delegates confirmed for the forthcoming, invite only “Green Solutions in Central Europe “event organised by APEAL in Warsaw this 8th October.

“The Steel for Packaging Industry is proactively supporting the concept of an efficient circular economy. Resource efficient production processes, innovative products, permanent material properties and annually high recycling rates will enable us to generate qualitative growth in the European Union”, commented APEAL president Dr Ulrich Roeske, who will be speaking at the conference.

“The Green Solutions 2015 summit will be an opportunity for policy makers, value chain partners and steel producers to present strategies, exchange ideas and communicate a vision for the future of steel as a sustainable packaging solution in a circular economic system”, he added.

APEAL secretary general, Alexander Mohr, will also be talking at the event about waste and the EU Circular Economy Package. He said: “The scrapping of the Circular Economy Package earlier this year by the EU Commission was seen by many, including APEAL, as a disappointment. But there are promising signs that a new drafted proposal will be issued in the autumn that will provide ambitious recycling targets necessary for pushing Europe towards a circular economy.”

The tour of the ArcelorMittal Warszawa site will be an opportunity to experience first-hand how steel is recycled, integrating the manufacturing process and reducing raw material use, energy use and emissions.