Celebrating 30 years of APEAL

#31.03.2016 Celebrating 30 years of APEAL

Two exciting new projects have been launched to mark 30 years of APEAL as the reference for steel for packaging.

The first, a social media campaign “30 years – 30 facts about steel” is a light, bite sized project which will see APEAL publish a key fact about steel each day this April.

All stakeholders can follow the campaign on APEAL’s social media accounts – @APEAL_EU on Twitter and APEAL on LinkedIn.

In parallel, APEAL is commissioning an expert panel from the fields of Environment & Recycling, Food & Nutrition, and Packaging design.

These industry experts will predict trends and analyse the challenges and opportunities in the landscape ahead.

Their analysis will be published in a series of reports throughout the year.

For more information, visit https://www.apeal.org/news/3194/