#14.02.2020 APEAL welcomes the Roadmap for the next Circular Economy Action Plan

Particularly in the Farm to Fork Strategy, action will be taken on food waste and packaging among others (cf. inter alia the European Parliament Resolution 2016/2223 (INI) in which is stated under article 125: “…stresses the positive contribution of food packaging materials and solutions to the prevention of food loss and food waste along the supply chain, for example packaging that …preserves the quality and hygiene of food for longer, or that extend shelf life…”).

In APEAL’s view, the EU sustainable products policy should stimulate that packaging is designed in a way allowing packaging material to be recycled over and over again without loss of the intrinsic properties of the material. 

However, boosting the market of secondary raw materials with mandatory recycled content for packaging, isn’t applicable for packaging materials for which the scrap supply is lower than the demand.

Read our full input to the Public consultation here.