APEAL launches new video: Cooking sustainably with Clemfoodie

#08.01.2024 APEAL launches new video: Cooking sustainably with Clemfoodie

Independently verified figures published by APEAL in December 2023, confirmed that steel packaging has already met its new EU recycling rate target for 2025, four years ahead of schedule.

Today, steel remains the most widely recycled sales packaging material in Europe, a testament to its unique properties and the collaborative efforts of stakeholders across the value chain to maintain a closed material loop and APEAL is proud that its recently published figures correspond to the amount of packaging that is really recycled and not just collected, aligning with the progressive approach adopted by the EU.

In this new film, produced in partnership with the internationally respected packaging expert, Paul Jenkins, and French author and food blogger Clemfoodie, we examine why steel remains the packaging material of choice for a 21st century circular economy, helping brands and consumers to enjoy safe, healthy and nutritious food, reduce food waste, and make a positive choice for the environment.

Watch the video with English subtitles here.

Watch the video with French subtitles here.