#17.10.2019 APEAL to speak at NVC’s Design for Intended Use initiative 23rd October at CibusTec Parma

APEAL will be supporting the Netherlands Packaging Centre’s conference entitled Design for Intended Use (DIU) in food packaging on Wednesday 23rd October (14.30 – 17.00) at the forthcoming CibusTec (22-25th October in Parma), 

When it comes to food packaging, and in line with the United Nations’ 12th Sustainable Goal, it is important to stimulate and support responsible consumption and to assist the consumer with the proper disposal of the emptied food packs.

When food is packed in steel cans, the contents are preserved from light, gas & air for well past the 3-yr best before date. After consumption, the empty can is easily disposed of in any waste stream and will be recycled back into another steel product. 

The NVC infostand at the CibusTec 2019 will be located in the centralorridor near the South Entrance (Area 4 on the exhibition floorplan).