APEAL galvanises “Take a fresh look” campaign with infographic video

#27.06.2014 APEAL galvanises “Take a fresh look” campaign with infographic video

APEAL, the Association of European Producers of Steel for Packaging, has created an infographic video to support its “Take a Fresh Look” campaign.

The video was previewed by APEAL at the recent Interpack trade show in Germany (8-14 May 2014), where the Association launched the “Take a fresh look” campaign, and is now available to view online.

It features facts and figures on the environmental, social and economic benefits offered by Steel for Packaging, including latest recycling statistics and information on the latest generation of lightweight steel cans.

Alexander Mohr, APEAL’s secretary general, said: “APEAL has spent over 25 years accumulating a vast amount of data about Steel for Packaging. The organisation has become the industry reference and continually seeks to ensure that essential facts about steel for packaging are made available to all.

“This short video is another engaging way for us to deliver important messages about steel packaging to all our key stakeholders.”

The release of the video follows research conducted by Sheffield Hallam University which identified a number of misconceptions among brand owners when it came to their understanding of the performance of different packaging materials. A large majority was unclear about real material recycling rates, despite over half (58%) confirming that recyclability affects their choice of packaging material.

Mr Mohr added: “The results indicate that many key stakeholders don’t always recognise the full sustainability credentials of steel packaging. Quick and easy to digest media such as the infographic video are an excellent means of helping them understand the advantages of steel.”

The video is available to view here