By Alexis Van Maercke

We’re excited to announce the launch of a new campaign that will help communicate the benefits of steel packaging to a wider audience than ever before.

For many years APEAL has successfully collaborated and communicated with governments, regulators, brands, packaging designers and manufacturers to ensure steel is understood and appreciated as a high-performing, sustainable, safe and resource efficient-packaging material. But we know more can be done to help consumers make informed decisions about the packaging they buy.

A new information pack has been created to help stakeholders throughout the value chain and social media influencers who are actively talking to consumers specifically about packaging, food waste and recycling. It collates a wide range of useful facts and figures and offers a suite of communications materials which can be used free of charge.

Launching in Germany, the campaign will be rolled out across Europe and forms part of APEAL’s work to support partner organisations, stakeholders and individuals as they strive to ensure consumers are able to make accurate and informed decisions about packaging. This will enable them to take a more active role in the transition to a sustainable, circular economy.

We know food waste is one of the major challenges society must face in the years ahead and it’s never been in sharper focus. It is therefore vital that we continue to raise awareness of the crucial role played by steel packaging which helps to reduce waste at every stage in the supply chain and in the home.

Not only is the can a safe, effective and affordable means of preserving food and vital nutrients, it is also a proven model of circularity as its magnetic properties make it the easiest and most economical packaging material to recover from any waste stream, and it can be recycled forever without loss of quality.

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